G Hassan A.Pour

G Hassan A.Pour


FERESHTEH Doughter Of Ahmad

2019-01-29 09:50:43
Movie • 1 hr 30 min • Family, Drama 
Completed Jul 2016

G Hassan A Pour

Ehrahilm Asghari



Fereshteh’s father has gone bankrupt due to the troubled economy during Iran’s nuclear sanctions years. The family has sold their house to free the father and they are now living in a small, dilapidated house. The creditors pressure Fereshteh for their money and hurt her feminine family. Farzaneh, Fereshteh’s sister, was going to marry but her wedding was cancelled because of their situation. Fereshteh’s mother sells all home appliances and now there is only one creditor left who wants Fereshteh instead of his money. Fereshteh is in a dilemma of giving in to a married man, which will lead to her father’s release, or fighting the problems of lacking money and lacking her father. 

The director's note

The film depicts how the Iranian families were in crisis because of the economic problems and the lack of money during the presidency of Dr Ahmadinejad and Iran’s economic sanctions, while some opportunists and profiteers made big embezzlement's by taking advantage of the economic conditions of the market. During the years 2012 and 2013, all Iranian people were after a big change in the political and economic ties between their country and the world and the election of President Dr Rouhani and his positive promises made the people more hopeful. Unfortunately, however, the families have received drastic blows and the Iranian family has sustained a big would whose healing will take many years