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G Hassan A.Pour


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Gholam Hassan Akhond Pour

I was born in 1360 in Mashhad, Iran. I was on the theater stage since I was 11 years old. I made my first film at the age of 16 and opened my own film company in Iran at the age of 22. Very soon, I signed a contract with various TV channels and made many films and series as a producer, director and producer. I participated in many film festivals around the world and won awards. The short film "Baher, his mind" and the movie "A city that never sleeps" as well as a series called "Kufi's love" are my latest works.

Personal Information

  • NICKNAMEHassan Akhondpour
  • AGE42
  • TELL+989121246934
  • EDUCATIONMaster Of Cinema


SHORT & LONG DOCUMENTARY : Making documentaries with interesting global themes and displaying them at prestigious

MOIVE (SHORT & FEATURE) : Making short and long story films and showing them all over the world

TV PROGRAMS : Producing a variety of television programs for networks around the world

PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS : Design and production of promotional films for major brands and reputable companies


My Resume.


Hassan Akhondpour  
(Gholam Hassan Akhond Pour)

  • *Writer / Producer / Director / cinema and television
  • *Founder of Payafilmtoos movie company

Full Text

*Director of the history series "Kufi's Love" 15 episodes 

*Producer and director of the feature film “The City that never sleeps

  • Will be screened in Iranian cinema and is winner of several foreign film festivals

*Director of the feature film “Angel's Salvation" - "Fereshteh, daughter of ahmad”

·      11 nominations in multiple categories of Jasmine International Film Festival - Winner of Best Writing, Best Production Design and Best Costume Design.
·      Nominated for the best film and the best actor in Marbella Film Festival - Spain 2016
·      Screened at San Luis Obispo Film Festival 2017  – Competition
·      Screened at CinePlay Film Festival 2017 – Competition 

*Producer and director of the feature film “The Bright Path”

*Producer and director of the television series “The Color of Sky”

*Producer and director of the television series “Bitter and Sweet”

*Director of the short film “Baher, her mind”

·      Premiered in the Cannes Short Film Corner 2016

·      Won the Best Film prize at Iranian Film Festival - San Francisco 2016

*And production of numerous television programmers and films

Participated in Cannes film market...

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