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Gholam Hassan Akhond Pour

Gholam Hassan Akhond Pour (Hassan Akhondpour)

  • Author, producer and director of cinema and television
  • Founder and CEO of PAYA FILM TOOS Cinema Company

I was born in 1981 in Mashhad, Iran. I was interested in theater since I was 11 years old at school; I started to play with local theater when I was a teenager. I was studying and working in a small studio and was making my first short film with the camera that I had since I was 16 years old. I started to work with some personal media companies and worked on a number of successful projects with the local TV of Khorasan province. I opened, PAYA FILM TOOS, my own production Cinema Company on January 9 th 2008, when I was 26 years old and started to produce my own films and signed different contracts. The first TV series that I produced was "Zire Saqfe Arezou" in 2007, in this project I was the director, producer and “Paya Film Toos” was the Production Company. For quite a few years, I continued producing different TV programs for Iranian TV channels and it was in 2011 when I produced my first feature film “The City That Never Sleeps.” In 2014, I worked on two more telefilms (television long films) called "Roshana" and "Taraneh Paeizi" in both of which I was the executive producer, producer and director. One year later, I signed a contract for “Be Range Baran” which was a forty- episode TV series as a producer and director, and the telefilms “Ziba” and “Hamishe Aghaz” were my other productions for Iran national TV. In 2016, which was a busy year for me and my company, in addition to my regular production of advertisements and TV programs for Iranian TV channels, I successfully directed a popular TV series called Talkh o Shirin and started my second feature film “Fereshteh, Daughter of Ahmed.” In this film that won many important international awards, I was the executive producer, screen writer and director. In the following year, I signed a contract with a private filmmaking company for “Baher, Her Mind” which was chosen as the most expensive short film in cinema history of Iran at that time and was screened at short film corner of Cannes film festival in 2016. This short film was later screened in many other national and international festivals and has won many awards and was screend at Art and Experience group of cinema in Iran. In 2017, Paya Film Toos participated for the second time in Cannes film market and screened “Fereshteh, Daughter of Ahmed,” which was a beginning for this film to find its way to many other international film festivals. In 2018, besides our usual productions, I produced “Amnesia” a documentary which was screened at Art and Experience section of Iran cinema and I plan to screen this film at Cannes film market of 2019.

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  • NICKNAMEHassan Akhondpour
  • AGE37
  • TELL00989121246934
  • EDUCATIONMaster Of Cinema


SHORT & LONG DOCUMENTARY : Making documentaries with interesting global themes and displaying them at prestigious

MOIVE (SHORT & FEATURE) : Making short and long story films and showing them all over the world

TV PROGRAMS : Producing a variety of television programs for networks around the world

PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS : Design and production of promotional films for major brands and reputable companies


My Resume.


Gholam Hassan Akhond Pour   (Hassan Akhondpour)

  • Author, producer and director of cinema and television
  • Founder and CEO of PAYAFILM TOOS Cinema Company

Full Text

Producer and director of the feature film “The City that never sleeps”

·      Will be screened in Iranian cinema and is winner of several foreign film festivals.

Director of the feature film “Angel's Salvation" - "Fereshteh, daughter of ahmad”

·      11 nominations in multiple categories of Jasmine International Film Festival - Winner of Best Writing, Best Production Design and Best Costume Design.

·      Nominated for the best film and the best actor in Marbella Film Festival - Spain 2016

·      Screened at San Luis Obispo Film Festival 2017  – Competition

·      Screened at CinePlay Film Festival 2017 – Competition 

Producer and director of the feature film “The Bright Path”

Producer and director of the television series “The Color of Sky”

Producer and director of the television series “Bitter and Sweet”

Director of the short film “Baher, her mind”

·      Premiered in the Cannes Short Film Corner 2016

·      Won the Best Film prize at Iranian Film Festival - San Francisco 2016

And production of numerous television programmers and films

Participated in Cannes film market...

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